Ramsey Beyer – comics, zines, and a really great photoblog

Kevin Budnik – One of my favorite young comics on the beat

Mitch Clem – Mitch Clem: the man, the myth, the guy who recently acquired his own record label

Eleanor Davis – as seen in the pages of MOME

Lacy J. Davis – words of wisdom from one of the strongest ladies I know

Tim Finn – The website for all things Tim

Nicole Georges – awesome zinester and pet portrait artist

Kettnerd – longtime friend and comics inspiration

Alec Longstreth – Blog, Phase 7 Comics, more energy then you can shake a stick at.

Aaron Renier – Aaron Renier’s amazing website

Claire Sanders – Super talented toy designer and seamstress; my longtime friend from growing up in Santa Fe


Éditions çà et là – French publisher of all things Liz Prince

Top Shelf Productions – Mighty fine comic publishers, and the imprint I call home

Tugboat Press – Purveyors of fine comic magazines

Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club – Upping the punx since basically forever

Zest Books – The teen/young adult imprint that published Tomboy

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