March 25th 2016

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016 at 12:09 pm


For those of you who are unlucky enough to live anywhere except New England, Polar Seltzer is a pretty big deal around these parts, probably because of their extensive choice of flavors (vanilla pear, anyone?) and their unique seasonal editions, in which they release limited run flavors for both summer and winter (mint mojito and chocolate cheesecake?).  When Kyle and I first started dating, we make a Polar Seltzer suicide pact, in which we vowed to try every flavor released, no matter how unappealing (eggnog? fuckin’ gross), so I get pretty high stress when a new limited edition flavor is released.  Anyway, this story has a happy ending*:



*except that I thought the flavor wasn’t very good: kind of a tropical bubblegum vibe that I wasn’t jammin on, but I really admire the playfulness of this brand!

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