Short Run 2014!

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Hello Seattle!

I’ll be back in your fair city this weekend for the Short Run Comix & Arts Festival, November 15th from 11-6 at Washington Hall! If you missed me at Elliott Bay Books, you can come get a copy of Tomboy, Alone Forever, and a myriad of other books straight from the source; if you saw me at Elliott Bay Books, please stop by and say hello again!


I’ll be at table F-30, with the always radiant Nicole J. Georges, Alec Longstreth adjacent. Come find us on the 2nd floor in the main hall!


Boston Zine Fest

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Oh dear, it’s the day before Boston Zine Fest starts and I failed to post about it until now?   For shame!  I will be participating in Boston Zine Fest this weekend!

On Saturday October 11th I will be on a panel about personal narratives at the Washington Street Center at 3:30pm, then on Sunday October 12th I will be tabling at Zine Fest from 12-6, selling Tomboy, and lots of assorted zine stuff that I don’t normally bring to shows.  I’ll also have my friends Eleni Castro and Dave Barclay with me, who will have NEW zines that even I haven’t seen yet.  You can find us at the Aeronaut Brewing Company, in Union Sqaure Somerville, where the tabling is taking place.

I know it’s short notice, but hopefully I’ll see you this weekend!

Tomboy in San Francisco

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Hey Bay Area folks!

I’ll be in your neighborhood this weekend for the Alternative Press Expo, tabling with Alec Longstreth, Claire Sanders, and Greg Means of Tugboat Press.  I haven’t been to APE in 6 years, so please come out and show me what I’ve been missing!

On Friday October 3rd I will be doing my Tomboy presentation at Green Apple Books.  I’m very excited to have this event sponsored by Maximum Rocknroll, and as such my slideshow will be followed by a moderated discussion with Grace Ambrose, the new MRR coordinator.  I hope that you can join us!  More info can be found on the Green Apple Books website, and the Facebook event listing.

Tomboy on Goodreads!

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Hi friends!

I’ve been overwhelmed by the flood of supportive tweets, comments, and reviews I’ve been receiving for Tomboy; it’s really touching that so many people have been enjoying and relating to the book.  A lot of folks have gotten in touch with me personally about it, to let me know that it meant something to them, and I am extremely grateful.  It would be really next-level helpful, if you have enjoyed Tomboy, and could rate and/or review it on our GOODREADS or AMAZON page.  In this modern internet age, reader ratings on those kinds of sites matter a lot to publishers and potential book purchasers; your reviews could help this book get into the hands of as many people as possible.  Add your voice: it really does matter!!

TOMBOY on Goodreads.

TOMBOY on Amazon.

Thanks, as always, for reading!

Book tour report

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Hi everyone!

 Brattle Theatre, August 27 

I got back home on Sunday night after being on my Tomboy book tour for the last 2 weeks!  A big huge thank you to all the stores and venues that hosted me, and to all the folks who came out, asked questions, and got involved.  I was very happy to have 30+ people in the audience at every stop; it made me feel way less alone in this crazy cartooning world!

 Skylight Books, September 8th, with Todd Taylor moderating

Elliott Bay Book Company, September 10th

I ended my tour at the Small Press Expo, which is my favorite comic convention IN THE WORLD, and the response to Tomboy was really awesome.  I sold all 72 copies that I brought of Tomboy in the first day (sorry to those of you who showed up on Sunday looking for the book; I definitely should have packed 2 more boxes)!  I almost broke my all-time sales record of 100 copies of a single book in a weekend, which was set by Will You Still Love Me If I Wet the Bed? when it came out at SPX 2005 and won the Ignatz for Outstanding Debut.  Speaking of which, SPX 2015 will mark the 10 year anniversary of WYSLM!  WHOA!

SPX 2014 (photo credit: Mike Maguire)

I’m back at home for a few days, taking lots of naps with my cats, before I head back out to Brooklyn for the Brooklyn Book Festival (Sunday 9/21 at 4pm) and a live author discussion with Ariel Schrag at WORD Bookstore (Tuesday 9/23 at 7pm).   I hope to see many familiar NYC faces at both of those events!

For more Tomboy updates please like the book’s Facebook page!  

Happy book birthday to TOMBOY

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Today is the day that Tomboy gets born (if we forget about the fact that there was a shipping snafu with Diamond, that released the book a week early to comic shops)!  September 2nd is a date that has been etched in my mind since last fall, when it was determined by Zest Books and I that my book would come out today, and now it is finally here!  I hope that if you pre-ordered the book, it will find its way into your hands today, and if you are going to your local bookstore, that they’ll be well-stocked, and if you got the book in the last week from your favorite comic shop, that you have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Me?  I’m at my mom’s house in Santa Fe, NM, where a bulk of the book takes place, getting ready for my hometown book event at Warehouse 21 tomorrow night.  We have lots of copies of the book, so if you’re in the Santa Fe area, come on out and get a personalized copy!  Everyone else: you can find me darting up the west coast, and then back east on my Tomboy book tour! 


Thursday, August 28th, 2014

A big thanks to everyone who came out to the brattle theatre last night for the Tomboy book launch. It was a really fun and lively event, and I enjoyed myself despite the fact that I’m normally very nervous with public speaking.  Last night I felt really at ease and I got good feedback that my slideshow was entertaining.  I hope that you’ll come out to my other book tour stops in the next two weeks, all of which are listed, in great detail, here.

P.S. I stole that photos from twitter, since there was no official photographer for the event. Sorry they’re blurry: that’s life!



oops. Tomboy is available in some stores a week early.

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Good morning internet. Today is August 27th. My new book, Tomboy, isn’t supposed to come out until September 2nd, but due to a Diamond shipping error, the book is now at any comic store that ordered it from them, and since there was no sales embargo notice with the books, it is most likely being sold today. Many of the stores in the Boston area have kindly agreed to hold their copies until the actual release date next week, in order to allow my book release party at the Brattle Theatre tonight to still be the FIRST place you can buy it, but now it is just the first place you can buy it from ME.

So, if you’re out there, and you get the book today, I hope you enjoy it, and if you’re in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, JP, Allston, Brighton, Newton, Watertown, anywhere within reasonable driving distance, I hope to see you at the Brattle Theatre tonight at 6pm! I have lovingly prepared a slideshow about the book that I’m both very nervous and very excited to share with you!

Tomboy: a book tour

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Hi Friends!

I’m going on my first ever book tour, in support of Tomboy!  More information about all of the dates can be found below the image!


First off is my hometown show, Wednesday August 27th, 6pm, at the historic Brattle Theatre in Harvard Sq.  There is an entry fee for this event, since it is being sponsored by Hub Comics, who is renting the theatre for the occasion.  The good news is that the $5 you spend on a ticket can be immediately used as a coupon for $5 off a copy of Tomboy, which will be available at the event a full week earlier than the release date!  Tickets can be purchased online HERE, or in person at Hub Comics.

Saturday August 30th, 1:45pm at the Decatur Book Festival the immensely talented Eleanor Davis and I are doing a presentation called How To Be Graphic.  We will be talking about our new books, How To Be Happy and Tomboy, respectively.

Wednesday September 3rd, 7pm at Warehouse 21 in Santa Fe, NM.  This is a very special stop for me, as it is in my actual hometown, where I grew up, and where much of Tomboy takes place.  Not only that, but Warehouse 21, the progressive teen arts center in Santa Fe, is featured prominently in the last chapter of the book.  I will be joined onstage for a live interview by one of my oldest friends and writing mentor, Gail Snyder, who was the first person to ever publish one of my comics, way back when I was in 7th grade.  My ever-supportive mom and sister will also be in the audience, and it will probably be really corny and loving.  I hope that if you live in the Santa Fe area that you can make it!  It should be noted that is another event with an entry fee: the $3 you pay to get in can also be used to get $3 off the book at the event, but will also go towards to supporting Warehouse 21, which is an important community asset.

Monday September 8th, 7:30pm at Skylight Books in Los Angeles CA.  This stop is presented by Razorcake magazine, which has been an important punk zine for years.  I am honored that they publish my comics, and I am honored to have them sponsor this event!

Wednesday September 10th, 7pm at The Elliott Bay Book Company.  Seattle has a vibrant and active cartooning community, I hope to see a lot of my peers in attendance!  Also, Top Pot donuts.  Mmmm donuts.

Thursday September 11th, 7:30pm at Powell’s on Hawthorne.  Portland also has a vibrant and active cartooning community, so you can expect some kind of appearance by your local sweetheart Nicole Georges. Please note that this is not at the Powell’s City of Books location, but their location at 3723 SE Hawthorne st., I would hate for anyone to show up at the wrong store!

Saturday September 13 & Sunday September 14th at the SMALL PRESS EXPO in Bethesda, MD!!  It’s my favorite time of year again: the weekend of the world’s premier indie comics event, SPX!  I’ll be tabling all weekend with the aforementioned Nicole Georges, and the room will be filled with good vibes and amazing cartoonists.

Sunday September 21st at the Brooklyn Book Festival.  I don’t have the exact info on my panel yet, but I know that I will be on the outdoor YA stage, sometime in the afternoon (around 3pm).  More info will be posted when I have it!

And last, but certainly not least, you can find me on Tuesday September 23rd at WORD bookstore in Brooklyn at 7pm, doing a live discussion with one of my all-time comics heroes, Ariel Schrag (who incidentally, is mentioned in Tomboy).  Ariel will be presenting her new prose novel Adam.  Please come out and wish me a long and happy recovery from this tour!

Some info is subject to change, so please check back, and all events are FREE, unless otherwise noted!  See you on the road!

Hub Comics presents Tomboy at the Brattle Theatre

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Hello friends!

I’m really excited to announce that the first event in my 3-week-long Tomboy book tour will be at the historic Brattle Theatre in Harvard Square, on August 27th at 6pm!  This event is being put on by Hub Comics in Union Square, Somerville.  Here is a screenshot from the Brattle’s website:

Some people have asked why we are having this at the Brattle Theatre, instead of just doing an in-store signing at Hub Comics itself, and the answer is two-fold:

The Brattle has been a long-time collaborator with the Harvard Bookstore, hosting author events with comic artists the likes of Charles Burns, Chris Ware, Craig Thompson, and Daniel Clowes.  While I am not a monolithic male comic artist, my Alone Forever book release at Brookline Booksmith had an audience of close to 80 people, with standing room only available to a sizable portion of the crowd, so when planning an event with Hub, we wanted to make sure we could accommodate a crowd of that size.  I am also putting together an A/V presentation about the making of Tomboy, which  I hope will be both educational and entertaining: showing this at the Brattle will ensure that not only will everyone have a seat, but everyone will be able to see what is happening on stage as well.  Unfortunately this means we have to charge admission to the event and were really torn about having to do so, but we settled on the cheap price of $5 per ticket.  Your $5 admission is also a coupon to get $5 off the cover price of Tomboy, so if you come to event and buy a copy of the book, you are getting into the event for FREE.  And not only that, but the Brattle Theatre on August 27th will be the first place on the planet that Tomboy will be sold, a whole week before it is available in bookstores!

Please come to the Brattle Theatre on August 27th to support a local comic artist, a local comic shop, and a local theatre, all of which enrich your community. Tickets are available online on the Brattle’s website, or in person at Hub Comics.

See you there!

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